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airplay - December 3, 2010

The radio show Undercurrents has Terry's song Psycho Cat in rotation.

Terry Mills in Blog - October 18, 2010

Man Behind The Curtain by Terry Mills. Mills, a singer-songwriter based in San Angelo (I just got back from there; what a co-inkydink) has several gems on this CD, especially "Psycho Cat", which will make anyone who has ever owned or been around a cat laugh out loud. "We're Related" also tickles the funny bone, but the artist also scores with more pensive fare ("The Cold, the Rain & Saturday", "Soar"). Although the last song on the CD, "Noel Y'all", feels like it belongs on a different album, this is a solid collection, and one that makes you appreciate how much unsung talent we have in the Lone Star State.

Terry Mills in Dutch Blog - October 18, 2010

This is a translation of an article originally written in DUTCH.   See weblink for the Dutch version.

There’s no shortage in singing women in this world. From screaming to more conservative types. From beautiful to less attractive. From innocent to experienced. When the American Terry Mills was 14 years old, she discovered that you can play folk songs on a guitar with 5 cord schemas. She then immediately stopped with her piano lessons. At 16, she performed the classic House of the Rising Sun by Woody Guthrie.   Gary Laney was asked to produce “Man Behind The Curtain”, the debut CD of the singer, who has been in this business for 20 years by now.


 On the album she gets help from Kelly Wilson and Mark Stevenson from her band Acoustix and a number of musicians from San Angelo. A voice is an instrument, Terry Mills knows this. On her debut CD her Texan voice is the most important tool between the acoustic guitar and the lost accordion. Almost speaking for itself the beautifully sang songs have their deepest roots in the American tradition of country and folk music. Man Behind The Curtain is a collection of 11 greatly written songs, and has no pretentions which usually comes with pop music.


These greatly written songs, which are sometimes taken from the day to day life, Kate knows to attract the attention of the listener in a sensitive and vulnerable way. Her fascination in telling a real story really comes to life in Psycho Cat. A song about someone who goes through life confused. The acoustic Soar has very strong emotional connections about her daughter, who leaves the home to build up a musical career. The singalong We’re related with the line He’s married to the ex-wife  of my ex-husbands ex-wife’s boyfriend seems to be based on a true story according to Kate. Man Behind The Curtain is a beautiful debut album from Terry Mills for those who love Shawn Colvin, Eliza Gilkyson, Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris.



Terry Mills in Blog - October 18, 2010

 But for every ingenue like Sahara Smith, who's produced by T-Bone Burnett, you have a songstress like Terry Mills, who will get her own fine album recorded in San Angelo and Nashville and mastered in Austin.

James Taylor-,2010

more airplay - September 2, 2010

KWBC and have added Terry's songs to their playlists.

more airplay - August 18, 2010 has added some of terry's songs !

more radio airplay - August 13, 2010

Terry's cd "Man Behind The Curtain" is now getting airplay on, ,99.1 in Houston,Tx. , -women's radio and .

review of cd - July 26, 2010

soundscan reporting - July 21, 2010

We appreciate you buying the cd from this site but you can go to and every download and cd sell will be reported to SoundScan and reported to Billboard magazine.

radio airplay - July 12, 2010

Terry has been added to the playlist at last week. If you have a chance check the station out. They are playing some great stuff. You can email requests so email a request for Terry's songs.

June 19, 2010

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