Welcome to Palmwood Music - records & publishing. We are a small indie label based out of San Angelo, Texas.


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Palmwood Music is proud to release the new record of John Carl Escue- Seven Women..

It is a snakelike river of rhythm running through a stark landscape of clever rogues, jilted lovers, romance and fulfilled love. The songs are strongly narrative drawing from the underbelly and the beauty of life. The songs are recorded live with just John Carl and his unique style of ac. guitar playing along with a few embellishments. John Carl has his own style-  An eclectic mix of Indie rock, r&b, soul and blues -- simply cannot be contained to one genre. Poignant lyrics, smooth and strong vocals, and a wildly unique rhythmic guitar technique renders a percussion track superfluous.

Palmwood Music is proud to announce the release of the new EP by Stephen Newberry - A Moment In Time. Stephen Newberry is a singer/songwriter who writes alternative pop/folk with soul. They are intimate, earthy with heartfelt vocals. Stephen's songs are diverse with a style that encompasses folk, rock and soul. If you are a fan of Ray LaMontagne, Amos Lee, John Mayer or Ben Harper we believe you will enjoy Stephen's new EP " A Moment In Time". Please go to our buy page to get a cd or digital downloads.

Palmwood Music is very happy to announce the release of the new EP by Tiffany and The Lump- A Lot of Nothing. The new songs are powerful indie-pop-rock, snarky with soul & funk that will leave you thirsty for more. If you enjoy bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Garbage or Paramore you are going to love Tiffany and The Lump. Please go to our buy page to get a cd or digital downloads.

Palmwood Music is proud to release the new Thick Tread record "From The Neck Up". Thick Tread is a bludgeoning assault of Punk. It goes right for the throat. The songs are relentless, intelligent, blunt and catchy hardcore raging at the speed of boiling oil. Are you are looking for something loud, hardcore and fast? You have it with Thick Tread-"From The Neck Up". If you like NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Bad Religion, or MXPX then Thick Tread is for you.

Thick Tread's "From The Neck Up" is co-produced and engineered by Gary Laney. Gary was manager and chief engineer at Sound Emporium Recording Studios in Nashville, Tn. for 18 years. He did records with Trisha Yearwood, Keith Whitley, Green on Red, Jason and The Scorchers, Al Kooper, Don Williams, New Grass Revival and Alan Jackson to name a few.

Don't forget the new album by Tablespoon-" No Guitars In Heaven" ! Tablespoon is genre-splitting rock, bridging Power Pop and Hard Rock. The songs written by Justin Eady are a well crafted insightful punch to the heart.... stories about this emotional roller coaster we call life. Featuring kicking vocals, blistering guitars and power drums & bass. LISTEN LOUD!!!! You can check out the video to "Valley Girl" -

Tablespoon's name was conceived by best friends Justin Eady and Michael Waren while eating cereal and listening to "Spoon Man" by Soundgarden. Tablespoon is a family band. Justin & Michael started the band in their teens. Then they added drummer Rickey Jackson who is married to Justin's sister. Next came Michael's dad Joey Waren on bass. Early influences were The Doors, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix.

If you like the Foo-Fighters, Kings of Leon, Black Keys, Tom Petty, Soundgarden or The Pretenders you will dig Tablespoon.

If you like "HOT" Country check out our release by J. Rodney Dunn & The Lost Frijoles Band- "Caliche Country". We are not talking Red Dirt Country here. This is Caliche Country- hard driving, boot- scootin, rocking Country. Songs from and about hard working independent people. Country with an edge. Feels like being hit by a dusty whirling dervish coming in off the plains of West Texas. So pull out a cold one, pop a top and hold on to your boots... 'Cause here comes J. Rodney Dunn and The Lost Frijoles Band- "Caliche Country".

Just go to the buy page and you can pick up a copy today.

 Be sure to check out Palmwood Music's second release by Barefoot Mark- "Let The Beast Run". Songs from "Let The Beast Run" have been in rotation on the nationally syndicated radio show Undercurrents, KPFT in Houston, TX, KVLU in Beaumont, Tx, WERU in Bangor,MN, KDHX in St. Louis,MO, WHAY in Whitly, KY KXCI in TUCSON, AZ, and KDNK in Carbondale, CO. to name a few.

"Let The Beast Run" is a blues - rock  heartland soaked musical trip. Full of compelling stories of life, love and loss offering both remorse and beauty. If you like artists like - John Hiatt, Wilco, Joe Ely, John Fogerty, Robert Cray, Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Black Crowes, Rolling Stones, Howlin' Wolf etc. we think you are going to enjoy Barefoot Mark's new release - " Let The Beast Run".

Don't forget Palmwood Music's first release " Man Behind The Curtain" by Terry Mills. Terry is a Americana singer/ songwriter who has an uncanny gift for nailing complex emotions in her songs. Her first single " Psycho Cat " has been in rotation on the nationally syndicated NPR show " Undercurrents as well as 99.1 in Houston, Tx., radiofreeamericana.com, womensradio.com, WERU in Maine to name a few.   If you like artists like Emmy Lou Harris, Patty Griffin, Eliza Gilkyson or Lucinda Williams you will like Terry's cd. Please visit our buy page to purchase a copy of "Man Behind The Curtain" or download individual songs. You can watch Terry's video-