Francis Does America Tour 

Jan 31st at YaYas - All ages Show

Headlining act Francis with Thick Tread, God Got Lazy, Wildfires, Wendy Clear and Moonhead opening. The show starts at 7pm and there is a &.00 cover charge.

Steel Penny 

Thick Tread will be opening for Wendy Clear at The steel penny on Dec 13th. The show starts at 10:35.

Christmas Show 

The annual Thick Tread Christmas Show is Dec. 20th at Ft. Concho in San Angelo, Tx. It is an all ages show with 8-10 local acts.

Thick Tread Review- 

Check the Thick Tread review out  - .

Thick Tread Review 

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Thick Tread Live 

Thick Tread will be playing at an all ages show at YaYas on Fri. Feb. 15th. Show starts at 7pm till ? $5.00 cover.

Tablespoon Live 

Tablespoon will be at the Deadhorse- San Angelo, Tx. on Fri. Feb. 15th!

Tablespoon Live 

Tablespoon is headlining the Rock n' Rescue benefit for PAWS Fri. Jan. 25th at the Steel Penny. There is a 10.00 cover.